IO Scout vs. Jungle Scout: Which is Better for Amazon Sellers?

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller, using software such as IO Scout or Jungle Scout is essential for success. Here’s how to choose the right one for you.
Updated Jan. 5, 2024
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Editorial Note: IO Scout is no longer an active company. For more details on Jungle Scout, check out our review.

Becoming an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) seller could potentially provide you with a lucrative income stream, but only if you choose the right product and set the right price. According to a Jungle Scout research report, 76% of Amazon sellers are profitable, and 63% earn a profit in their first year. While that’s a high chance of success, it’s not impossible to fail, and the top reason for failure is choosing the wrong product.

To pick a product with a high chance of success, you’ll need access to data to inform your decision. Tools such as IO Scout and Jungle Scout provide that access. Here’s how to sell items on Amazon with both services, so you can decide which one is right for you.

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IO Scout vs. Jungle Scout

Amazon sellers know that data drives success in the ecommerce world, and having access to a tool such as IO Scout or Jungle Scout is essential to making informed decisions every step of the way. Each is a suite of products designed to simplify all aspects of the selling process, from identifying a product with high demand and minimal competition to getting keyword insights for your product descriptions. Not only can these tools potentially increase your chances of success, but they’re also likely to save you time, so you can develop an income stream that requires little effort to maintain.

Here’s a quick look at how they compare:

IO Scout

IO Scout

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Cost Pro: $39/month, $99/3 months, $299/year, or $499 for a lifetime membership Basic: $49/month or $349/year

Suite: $69/month or $589/year

Professional: $129/month or $999/year

  • Product research and tracking
  • Historical analysis
  • Keyword research tools and listing optimizer
  • Sales estimator
  • Fee calculator
  • Product tracker
  • Opportunity finder
  • Product and supplier databases
  • Keyword research tools and listing optimizer
  • Automated review requests
  • Sales analytics
  • Inventory manager
Money-back guarantee 5-day 14-day
Availability Chrome extension, web app Chrome and Firefox extension, web app
Customer service Email support and live chat Email support and live chat

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How does IO Scout work?

IO Scout offers a combination of 10 different products for Amazon sellers available at one affordable price with its Pro plan. You’ll be able to search through products with extensive filters, get sales estimates of how a particular product is likely to perform, and track products over time. IO Scout also comes with search engine optimization tools, such as its product listing optimizer and keyword tool, which can help ensure you’re including the right keywords for your product to show up in a customer’s search.

Once you start selling, you can access IO Scout’s Amazon suppliers list and use its inventory management tool to ensure you have adequate stock. You’ll also be able to utilize the FBA calculator to help assess your fees and accurately estimate your profits. As an IO Scout user, you also get access to unlimited historical data about Amazon products and the ability to chat with a business consultant using the Personal Assistant feature. All the tools you need are included in one package, which costs $39 for one month. You can also save by prepaying. For instance, if you pay for three months upfront, it costs $99; if you pay in full for one year, it costs $299; and if you pay for a lifetime membership, it costs $499.

How does Jungle Scout work?

Jungle Scout’s Basic plan allows you to see a product’s opportunity score, which estimates how potential products will perform so you can choose the most profitable options for your business. With a Basic membership, you’ll also be able to track 20 products and estimate sales data for 500 products per month. You’ll also get access to historical product and keyword data going back one month, be able to view sales analytics, and test up to 100 listings per month for search engine optimization.

If you choose to be billed annually for a Jungle Scout Basic membership, the cost averages out to $29/month, though you’ll pay a lump sum of $349 each year. If you choose month-to-month billing, a Basic membership will cost you $49/month. The Basic plan also includes the Jungle Scout Chrome and Firefox extensions, which allows you to research product opportunities on Amazon in real time.

Jungle Scout’s Suite plan averages out to $49/month when you opt for annual billing, though you’ll pay a lump sum of $589 each year. If you choose month-to-month billing, the Suite plan costs $69/month. It includes everything you get with the Basic plan plus the ability to track 150 products and get up to 1,000 sales estimates per month. You’ll also have access to supplier and product databases in addition to extra keyword tools. With a Suite plan, you’ll get a longer lookback period on historical data, advanced seller features such as review automation, access to the listing builder and inventory manager, and more. Jungle Scout’s Professional plan comes with everything included in the Suite plan plus access for additional users, the ability to track up to 1,000 products, priority onboarding, and more. If you opt for annual billing, the cost of a Professional plan averages out to $84/month, paid in a $999 lump sum. If you’d prefer to be billed monthly, you’ll pay $129/month for a Professional membership.

Read our Jungle Scout review for more details.

Jungle Scout Benefits

  • Learn from industry-leading professionals
  • Find products and suppliers
  • Manage inventory and analyze sales
  • 14-day money back guarantee

What both Amazon FBA tools excel at

  • Powerful product research and tracking: Both tools allow you to search a product database by keyword and Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and apply advanced filters. You’re also able to estimate each product’s potential profits and track revenue and Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) over time.
  • Search engine optimization tools: Both IO Scout and Jungle Scout come with several keyword tools, including assistance building your listing to optimize its rank and a reverse ASIN lookup to analyze competitor keyword use.
  • Free learning resources: Jungle Scout offers Academy, which helps you learn how to make money on Amazon via short tutorials. IO Scout has a 9-module online class to guide you through the basics.
  • Live chat: You can get live customer support from both services through their online chat tools. IO Scout goes a step further with its Personal Assistant tool, which lets you chat with a consultant.
  • Money-back guarantee: Both services come with a money-back guarantee, but IO Scout only offers a 5-day guarantee, while Jungle Scout gives you two weeks to request a refund if it doesn’t work out.

5 important differences between IO Scout and Jungle Scout

While IO Scout and Jungle Scout offer many overlapping features, there are some key differences between them. Depending on your needs, one may stand out to you more than the others.

  1. Pricing: If you just need basic features and are okay with only tracking a limited number of products, Jungle Scout offers a cheaper, entry-level plan. Jungle Scout’s Suite and Professional plans cost more than the IO Scout Pro plan, but they do come with some additional features. However, for unlimited historical data and product tracking, IO Scout is likely the better deal.
  2. Browser extensions: Both Chrome extensions give you the ability to estimate sales for a product directly from the product page, but Jungle Scout goes a bit further by giving each product an Opportunity Score. It also offers a Firefox extension in addition to its Chrome Extension. On the other hand, IO Scout includes an FBA calculator with its extension, while Jungle Scout does not. However, Jungle Scout does offer an FBA calculator as a separate tool through its website. The better option for you depends on the features that are most important to you.
  3. Access to historical data: Each Jungle Scout plan comes with a different lookback period, but IO Scout gives you unlimited access to their available historical data. If access to historical data is important to you, IO Scout wins in this category.
  4. Access to product tracking data: Jungle Scout’s product database is superior, with over 475 million Amazon products to search through. IO Scout offers a database of 200 million products. If researching product ideas is important to you, Jungle Scout is the clear winner in terms of product tracking.
  5. Review automation: Jungle Scout offers review automation with their Suite and Professional plans, while IO Scout doesn’t come with any email marketing tools. Jungle Scout’s review automation tool automatically sends out review requests to customers via email so you can work on growing your reputation without too much additional effort.

Which Amazon selling tool should you choose?

If you’re just getting started with selling on Amazon, Jungle Scout’s Basic plan might be enough for you. But if you want a full suite of tools along with unlimited access to historical data and product tracking, IO Scout is more likely to meet your needs. If review automation is an important feature for you, consider Jungle Scout’s Suite or Professional plan.

Also keep in mind that while both products come with plenty of learning resources, Jungle Scout has some features that make it easier for beginners to analyze data. For example, its Opportunity Finder tool allows you to estimate a new product’s potential success with just one glance.


Which is better, IO Scout or Jungle Scout?

The better tool for you will depend on your needs. New sellers looking to try out one of these tools may want to start with the Jungle Scout Basic plan, which is the least expensive option. But if you have some experience selling online and you’re ready to hit the ground running, you’ll likely need the full suite of features offered by IO Scout’s Pro plan or Jungle Scout’s Suite or Professional plans. IO Scout’s Pro plan includes most of the features in Jungle Scout’s Suite plan for a lower price, but if you want a review automation tool and features such as Opportunity Finder, you may prefer Jungle Scout.

Is IO Scout worth it?

Considering how essential product selection is to the success of an Amazon FBA seller, IO Scout could be worth the cost if you want to get serious about selling on Amazon. You get a ton of features for one low price, and you can save on a membership if you prepay. What’s more, if it doesn’t meet your needs, you can ask for your money back within five days.

Is Jungle Scout worth it?

While it’s possible to sell items on Amazon without a tool like Jungle Scout, the full suite of tools offered with Jungle Scout could potentially increase your chances of success and save you a ton of time. If your goal is to develop a profitable and passive income stream, Jungle Scout could potentially be worth the cost. Though it’s important to remember that your success on Amazon will also depend on various market factors as well.

What are some IO Scout and Jungle Scout alternatives?

There are a few other tools that offer similar functionality to IO Scout and Jungle Scout and could potentially help you with Amazon product research and search engine optimization. Here are some alternatives to consider along with their perks:

  • Helium 10: Offers a free basic plan
  • Viral Launch: Allows you to automate your PPC strategy
  • AMZ Scout: Offers a free trial of its Pro Extension
  • AMZ Tracker: Offers a seven-day free trial
  • Unicorn Smasher: Free to use product research tool
  • AmazeOwl: Very affordable plans, including a free starter plan
  • Seller Labs: Offers a free trial plus PPC tools to optimize your advertising strategy

The bottom line

Selling on Amazon marketplaces may be one of the best side hustles out there because of the potential to make high profits. But being an Amazon seller can be complicated and frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. Both IO Scout and Jungle Scout could potentially increase your chances of success by helping you identify the most profitable products and capture the most customers, though success isn’t guaranteed. Since both tools come with a money-back guarantee, it’s possible to test them both out and choose the better fit for your business needs.

Jungle Scout Benefits

  • Learn from industry-leading professionals
  • Find products and suppliers
  • Manage inventory and analyze sales
  • 14-day money back guarantee

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