14 Costco Items You Should Always Buy When They Go on Sale

When Costco’s deals get an extra cut, you should stock up with these items.
Updated April 3, 2023
Costco store in Markham

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Costco is a good place to get everyday deals, but you can also pick up some great specials when items go on sale to help boost your bank account.

You might want to stock up on staples when there’s a good deal or pack up your pantry with non-perishable items you can have on hand for school lunches or dinners.

So, the next time you go on a Costco run, consider stocking up on these necessities when they’re on sale.

Toilet paper

Courtesy of Costco Costco's toilet paper bulk Kirkland signature

Toilet paper is always a good staple to have on hand, so it’s good to stock up if you find your local Costco has it on sale. Costco offers several name brands as well as its in-store Kirkland Signature brand.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to save money on groceries and other items, it’s usually a good idea to buy Kirkland products to keep more cash in your wallet.

Paper towels

Courtesy of Costco Paper Towels Kirkland Signature

Another great staple to have around is paper towels. You may be surprised that Costco carries several varieties that can fit your needs. Think about the different options you may need for both your home and office.


Courtesy of Costco Barilla pasta big pack from Costco

Pasta is a great stand-alone for dinner or you can use it for casseroles that can be frozen to cut down on prep work during the week.

You also may want to double-check the frozen section to see if Costco has some meatballs you can store in your freezer until you’re ready to cook them.

Dish detergent tablets

Courtesy of Costco Costco Finish dishwasher pods packs

Get your dishes sparkling clean with easy-to-use dishwashing detergent tablets that you can just drop in per dish load.

It may be a good idea to grab a few packs, but you might want to have enough space to store them in a dry place so they don’t become one sticky ball.

Frozen berries

Courtesy of Costco Frozen blueberries

Costco has bulk-sized berries that you can grab for your freezer if you have some extra room.

The berries are perfect for smoothies or baked goods depending on your needs. They can also help you save money instead of buying expensive smoothies from local shops.


Courtesy of Costco Mexican Coca-Cola glass bottles pack from Costco

Pick up a few cases of your favorite soda to have at home or grab for work. You might also want to stock up for guests or upcoming parties, so you can pull everything together easily when it’s time to have people at your house.

Pro tip: Watch for hints on price tags of items like sodas to find out if something may be discounted or on sale. For example, prices that end in numbers other than .99, (like .49 or .97), may indicate that they’ve been marked down. And an asterisk could mean it’s at the lowest price offered because it won’t be restocked.


Courtesy of Costco Sensodyne Toothpaste pack from Costco

Keep your teeth clean and fresh by stocking up on toothpaste from Costco. The warehouse retailer has a few choices, which means you can get a separate tube for everyone in your family if you don’t like the way someone else squeezes out their toothpaste.


Courtesy of Costco Microwave popcorn from Kirkland Signature Costco

Popcorn can be a good healthy treat you can store in your cupboard until you’re ready to pop some up for yourself or your family.

Grab some unpopped kernels for a stove-top pan or air popper, or pick up the microwave version for a quick treat.

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Courtesy of Costco Jasmine rice from Kirkland Signature Costco

Rice is an easy side dish for any dinner and can work as part of your meal with stir fry vegetables or in a good soup.

It’s a good staple to keep in your pantry to mix with fresh vegetables you pick up from your local grocery store or any time you need a quick idea to boost your dinner meal plans.

Food saver

Courtesy of Costco Food saver sealer from Costco

So what do you do with all that food that may be perishable or might not stay fresh in your freezer? Grab a food saver to vacuum seal your meats and more for long-term freezer storage or to lock in flavor.

You can also use the food saver if you like to use sous vide to cook your meal.


Courtesy of Costco Colombian coffee from Kirkland Signature Costco

If you like to wake up with a nice cup of coffee, check out Costco’s bulk-sized versions of ground coffee. Or use smaller K-cups if you prefer. Your local warehouse should have plenty of both.

If you prefer to buy whole-bean coffee instead, your Costco may have a coffee grinder to get you the best flavor before you leave the store.

Fruit snacks

Courtesy of Costco Welch's fruit snacks

Kids love fruit snacks so having a few on hand is a must. Stick a couple of packets of fruit snacks in your purse or bag as well as add some to your snack box for the kids to pick when they come from school.

And there’s no rule that says adults can’t eat fruit snacks. They’re a good alternative to candy you can keep at your desk for a healthy afternoon snack.

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Cold medicine

Courtesy of Costco Mucinex medicine

Cold and flu season can cause illness to sweep through your house, so stock up now on cold medication to help you get past any sickness that sets in.

Cold medication can last for a while, but remember to check the expiration dates on your medication on occasion to make sure it hasn’t expired.


Courtesy of Costco Organic Juice packs from Kirkland Signature Costco

Get a few gallons of juice when they go on sale and stock them away in your pantry. They could come in handy when the kids need something to drink or you want a healthy beverage after a long day at the office.

You also may want to consider juices that you can mix with those frozen berries in your freezer for a healthy smoothie.

Bottom line

Rafael Henrique/Adobe Costco Wholesale Corporation logo displayed on a smartphone along with a shopping cart

Keep an eye out for the Costco savings flyer in your mailbox or online each month to maximize your savings.

And remember to use the best credit cards for Costco the next time you go shopping at Costco for extra cash in your pocket.

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