Bubble Cash Game Review [2023]: Shoot Bubbles to Win Cash

Bubble Cash is a relaxing bubble shooter game that offers opportunities to win real money by competing against other players.
Last updated May 2, 2023 | By Ben Walker, CEPF Edited By Michael Kurko
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Mobile gaming apps are often helpful for relaxing and passing the time, but some also offer the opportunity to earn money while having fun. Because these types of apps are typically available on popular mobile devices, it’s easy to jump on your phone and compete for cash prizes in your spare time.

With Bubble Cash, you compete in real-money tournaments against other players to see who can get the highest score from shooting and matching bubbles. It’s a simple and straightforward game with the added bonus of actual cash prizes. Let’s see how it works.

Bubble Cash Benefits

  • Make money shooting bubbles in your free time
  • Real-money tournaments and no ads
  • Cash out securely using PayPal
  • Addictive game you’ll want to play for hours

In this Bubble Cash review

What is Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is a gaming app available on the App Store for compatible iOS devices. The game is labeled as a skill-based pop shooter game and a “bubble shooter.” This typically means the game involves some form of shooting or popping bubbles on the screen to earn points and increase your score.

Bubble Cash was created by Papaya Gaming Ltd., a mobile game developer based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Along with Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash is one of Papaya’s most popular mobile games. All of Papaya’s apps offer opportunities to win real money through cash tournaments.

As of March 18, 2022, Bubble Cash had an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the App Store with over 54,000 ratings and reviews. It’s also rated the #6 Casino game in the store, making it one of the most popular and highly rated games in its category.

How does Bubble Cash work?

Bubble Cash is a bubble shooter game that offers both free and paid game modes. Bubble shooters typically provide opportunities to shoot or pop bubbles to earn points. In this game, players compete against each other in tournaments to win gems, the in-game currency, or cash. If you’re wondering how to make money playing video games, this is a simple way to start.

The actual gameplay is fairly straightforward. You start with a board of different colored bubbles and you use your finger to shoot a bubble at the board. If you get three or more of the same colored bubble to touch each other, they fall off the board. This can also cause other attached bubbles to fall off the board. The goal is to clear the board of bubbles —- or at least get the highest score possible —- before the time runs out.

Bubble Cash also starts you off with three hearts. If you shoot a bubble and your shot doesn’t clear anything, you lose a heart. You won’t lose a heart if your shot clears any bubbles from the board. If you lose all three hearts and take another shot that fails to clear any bubbles, the game adds a row of bubbles to the board and awards you three more hearts.

Bubble Cash displays you the color of the bubble you’re about to shoot and of the next bubble coming up to help you strategize your shots. Bubbles you shoot can also be bounced off the sides of the board to give you different angles. However, a bubble will stop bouncing once it comes into contact with another bubble.

Your score is calculated by clearing bubbles, clearing the board, and how much time is remaining if you clear the board. The different game modes typically pit you in a tournament against multiple players. Typically, the top three players with high scores win prizes. You can check a leaderboard after each match to see everyone’s scores.

Here are Bubble Cash’s different game modes:

  • Gems games: These game modes require gems to play and offer gems as prizes. You can earn gems by winning games, collecting daily rewards, watching videos, and more.
  • Freeroll: A game mode where you use gems to play for bonus cash prizes.
  • Limited time: Limited-time game modes that appear and disappear after a certain amount of time. These are often paid games that offer cash prizes but require a cash balance to play.
  • Paid games: Game modes that require a cash balance to play and offer cash prizes. You can add to your cash balance by depositing money into your account or earning bonus cash by referring friends or winning certain game modes.

There’s also a leveling mechanic to Bubble Cash, which means you can earn experience points as you play and level up. You have to be at a certain level to unlock specific game modes.

Bubble Cash Benefits

  • Make money shooting bubbles in your free time
  • Real-money tournaments and no ads
  • Cash out securely using PayPal
  • Addictive game you’ll want to play for hours

Who can play Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash involves gambling elements, which means it’s rated for individuals 17 and older on the App Store. However, Papaya Gaming requires you to be at least 18 to be able to play. You need an eligible iOS device to play, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches running iOS 10.2 or later. Bubble Cash isn’t currently available for Android devices on Google Play.

This app only supports English and is available in the U.S., Canada, Western Australia, and Tasmania. However, cash tournaments are only available in the following U.S. states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • South Carolina

Bubble Cash could be a fun game if you’re into bubble shooters and enjoy playing games in your free time. But it might not make sense if you have or have had issues with gambling debt because it lets use real money to play and could become addictive.

How much can you earn with Bubble Cash?

Playing Bubble Cash on the side isn’t going to make you rich, but it could provide opportunities to make money in your free time. If your skill level is high enough, you could be competing for prize pools of $60 or more.

For example, you might play a game mode that requires $11 to enter and offers a $61 prize pool. In this type of game, you typically have to place in the top three out of a group of players to win enough money to cover the entry fee. First place might win $24, second gets $15, and third gets $11.

You can also play games with entry fee requirements as low as $1. In this game mode, the prize pool might only be $5, with first place receiving $2.20 and second getting $1.40. Third would only get 80 cents, so they would actually lose money.

If you don’t want to deposit money to play in the cash game modes, you would have to earn bonus cash by referring friends or playing the Freeroll mode. Freeroll has a 1,200 gem entry fee and offers a $7 bonus cash prize pool. First place gets $4, second gets $2, and third gets $1.

Earning 1,200 gems, however, could take a while. You can win up to 60 gems by playing a gems-only mode, which has a 20 gems entry fee. You would need to rank first in 30 games to earn 1,200 gems after accounting for the 20 gems you’d have to pay in entry fees for each game.

Each game has a three-minute time limit, which adds up to around 90 minutes (1.5 hours) of playing to participate in a round of Freeroll. However, that’s only if you place first in every single one of those 30 games, which is easier said than done.

If you deposit or earn money from paid game modes, you can withdraw it from your cash balance. Bonus cash can’t be withdrawn, but can be used to participate in cash tournaments. Each withdrawal request comes with a $1 handling fee.

Withdrawing available funds is as easy as selecting “Withdraw” from your account menu and selecting how much you want to take out. You must enter a valid PayPal email to receive funds. You’ll usually receive your money in three to five business days, but it could take up to 14 days.

To explore other options to make money in your free time, check out our list of the best side hustles.

Common questions about Bubble Cash

Is Bubble Cash legit?

Yes, Bubble Cash is a legit money making app and not a scam. Bubble Cash is a classic bubble shooter game available on the App Store for compatible iPhone and iPad devices. It has more than 54,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. It’s also rated as the #6 Casino game on the App Store.

Can you actually win money on Bubble Cash?

Yes, it’s possible to win real money if you participate in cash tournaments. You need to be at least 18 years old, live in an eligible location, and have a cash balance to play in these tournaments. You can add to your cash balance by depositing your own money into your account or by earning bonus cash through Freeroll (non-paid) games and friend referrals.

How do I withdraw money from Bubble Cash?

You can select the “Withdraw” option from your account menu after you’ve registered an account. This will allow you to see your total available balance and select how much you want to withdraw. Withdrawals are sent through PayPal and take an average of three to five business days, though the processing time could take up to 14 days.

How to get started with Bubble Cash

1. Download Bubble Cash from the App Store

Bubble Cash on the App Store

2. Open the app and choose an avatar and username

Bubble Cash account screen

3. Play a practice game to learn how the game works

Bubble Cash practice game

4. Play in a tournament game against other players

Bubble Cash tournament screen

5. When you can, select “Account” and choose “Register” to create your account

Bubble Cash create an account

6. Turn on location services for the app to see whether you can participate in cash tournaments

Bubble Cash location screen

7. Enter the required information to complete your account registration

Bubble Cash finish registration

8. Select a game mode to start playing

Bubble Cash game modes

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Bubble Cash Benefits

  • Make money shooting bubbles in your free time
  • Real-money tournaments and no ads
  • Cash out securely using PayPal
  • Addictive game you’ll want to play for hours

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