22 Best Selling Apps for Selling Stuff Online

eBay and Facebook Marketplace are the most popular, but specialized apps such as Decluttr and Kidizen have their uses.

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Updated July 16, 2024
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The best app for selling items online is usually a marketplace such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. That’s because these platforms make it easy to sell a variety of products to a large number of users.

However, you might consider a specialized marketplace if you have specific items to sell. For example, Decluttr is a great app for selling electronics, and thredUP is good for selling used clothing you no longer need.

Check out our list of the best-selling apps to find the one that’s right for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Vehicles, apparel, electronics, furniture, toys, games, and more

Facebook Marketplace offers an easy way to learn how to make money by selling stuff online. All you need is a Facebook account and a few minutes to post some photos and a description of your item.

You can chat with potential buyers through Facebook Messenger and then work out a time and place to complete the transaction in person. Cash is the best payment method because it can help you avoid potential scams.


Daniel Krasoń/Adobe woman is installing ebay application on Lenovo tablet

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Selling fees

What can you sell: Vehicles, apparel, electronics, furniture, toys, games, and more

Ebay is the original online marketplace and is still popular with sellers worldwide. Although it’s easy to get started with listing items, selling on the largest marketplace comes with selling fees. eBay takes a cut of your final sale, with the percentage based on the type of item and the sale price.

The upside of using eBay is that you get a huge global audience and certain seller protections. You can also sell just about anything, which is demonstrated by these wacky eBay listings.


Courtesy of Decluttr Decluttr logo

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Electronics and books

Decluttr buys your books and electronics and then sells them online to other people. Here’s how it works:

  1. Decluttr gives you a free instant valuation.
  2. You pack your items in a box and attach a free prepaid shipping label.
  3. You drop your box off at your nearest shipping location.
  4. You get paid by direct deposit or PayPal after your items sell.

The best thing about Decluttr? You don’t have to list any products, pay any fees, or go through the hassle of scheduling in-person pickups or meetups.


Courtesy of Poshmark Poshmark clothes online store and app

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Apparel, fashion accessories, makeup, electronics, home decor, and more

Poshmark is primarily an online marketplace for fashion, including apparel and accessories. This means you can sell clothing such as shoes, dresses, handbags, and other items. You can also sell electronics and pet accessories.

It’s free to list and ship items with Poshmark, but you’ll pay seller fees that vary depending on the price of the item sold.

Check out these six pro tips from a Poshmark reseller.

Managing your reselling business expenses

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PixieMe/Adobe Amazon subscribe and save menu

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Food, apparel, electronics, furniture, toys, games, and more

Amazon is a global online marketplace with massive reach and potential for sellers. But learning how to sell items on Amazon successfully can take some time.

Although Amazon has a huge audience, there’s a lot of competition to get your listings to rank. You also have to choose your selling plan (Individual or Professional) and take into account the fees that Amazon charges.


dennizn/Adobe Craigslist home page

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Mostly free

What can you sell: Vehicles, apparel, electronics, furniture, toys, services, games, and more

Craigslist is one of the original online classified ads sites for jobs, housing, and items for sale. You can sell most items free except for a few specific types of listings.

Craigslist is designed for local use similar to Facebook Marketplace, so plan on meeting up with someone to complete any transactions. If you’re comfortable meeting up with local buyers, Craigslist offers one of the easiest ways to make money in your free time.


FellowNeko/Adobe woman using smartphone with etsy sell or buy application

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Handmade items, vintage items, craft supplies, and more

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces for arts and crafts. Here, you can find loads of handmade goods, including apparel, jewelry, and home decor.

Etsy offers an excellent way to express and monetize your creative potential. Just be aware that Etsy charges listing fees and other seller fees.

Learn about how to start an Etsy shop.


sharafmaksumov/Adobe Mercari home page to sell or buy used items online

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell:

Apparel, electronics, toys, vintage items, handmade items, and more

Mercari is a general online marketplace for selling a variety of items, including apparel and electronics. 

It’s free to list items, but you’ll have to pay a fee for each item you sell. This includes a minimum 10% fee for completing a sale as well as a payment processing fee.

Learn more in our Mercari review.


Jirapong/Adobe User holding phone with Instagram screen

Mobile app: iOS and android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Apparel electronics, makeup, handmade items, toys, and more

Instagram might not be the first social media channel you think of to sell things online, but it can be popular for certain items. For example, apparel stores can gain a lot of traction because of how easy it is to sell clothes and accessories using high-quality photos.

It’s free to create an Instagram business account and set up a shop. You can then link directly to your own website where shoppers can check out.


Courtesy of ThredUp Box with clothes and logo ThredUp

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Apparel and accessories

ThredUP is an online consignment and thrift store with a mission to make fashion more sustainable. ThredUP does this by taking your secondhand clothing off your hands and selling them to willing buyers.

It’s free to send items to ThredUP using one of its cleanout kits. They’ll then be listed for sale online. You receive a percentage of the sale price in the form of cash or shopping credit when your items sell.


FellowNeko/Adobe Nextdoor cellphone app and webpage in the back

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Vehicles, electronics, appliances, furniture, apparel, and more.

Nextdoor is a website that connects people in the same neighborhoods, similar to the way neighborhood Facebook Group pages work. You can list and sell a variety of items on Nextdoor for free and then meet up with a buyer (presumably a neighbor) to complete the transaction.


Courtesy of Chairish Chairish logo

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Furniture, art, lighting, home decor, rugs, and more

Chairish is an online marketplace for home furnishings and art. It focuses on vintage items, with 85% of its inventory consisting of vintage items.

It’s free to list items, but Chairish will take a cut of your sale price. The amount of the cut depends on your seller plan but typically ranges from 20% to 30% commission (or lower for more expensive items).


Courtesy of OfferUP OfferUp logo

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees if you ship items

What can you sell: Vehicles, electronics, apparel, collectibles, and more

OfferUp, which acquired Letgo, is an online marketplace for selling loads of different items. You can list and browse for free on OfferUp, and even buy and sell for free if you’re using cash.

However, you’ll have to pay a service fee for shipping items that you sell on the platform. Buyers have to pay for the shipping label.

Vestiaire Collective

Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective Vestiaire Collective logo

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Luxury apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, and more.

Vestiaire Collective (formerly Tradesy) is an online marketplace that focuses on designer clothing and accessories. This includes items from brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior.

It’s free to list items on Vestiaire Collective, but you’ll have to pay seller fees if an item sells. The fee is $12 for items below $100 and $2,000 for items over $16,500. For items between $100 and $16,500, the fee is 12%.


boumenjapet/Adobe Phone displaying Vinted app

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Apparel, accessories, home decor, electronics, and more

Vinted is an online marketplace for secondhand items, including apparel and electronics. You can freely list and sell items on Vinted, which sounds too good to be true. Sellers don’t even have to pay for shipping because the buyers do.


Courtesy of Reverb Reverb logo and slogan

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Music equipment and software

Reverb is your go-to online marketplace for music gear. It has everything you need, including guitars, keyboards, and drums.

Reverb charges a 5% fee for each item sold, though there’s no fee for creating or removing a listing. You’ll also be charged a payment processing fee when someone buys your item.


agcreativelab/Adobe Chanel handbag and sunglasses

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Luxury apparel, jewelry, watches, and more

Similar to the Vestiaire Collective, TheRealReal is an online luxury apparel marketplace. It’s common to find items here that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Items are authenticated and listed by TheRealReal’s team of experts and you can earn up to 85% of the selling price for the items you sell.


Courtesy of Kidizen Logo and slogan of Kidizen

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Apparel, toys, bags, accessories, decor, and more

Have some gently-used kids stuff to sell? Check out Kidizen, the online marketplace for everything kids (and moms). Listing items is free, but Kidizen will take a 12% + a 50-cent fee when the item sells. Sellers are also responsible for shipping costs.


Courtesy of Varage Sale Varage Sale logo

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Apparel, appliances, toys, games, home decor, and more

If you like the neighborly feeling of visiting garage sales and yard sales, check out VarageSale. This app is designed to help local people meet up and sell items to each other.

It’s free to list items and there aren’t any seller fees, since transactions are negotiated privately between buyers and sellers.


Courtesy of Swappa Swappa logo and slogan

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Electronics

As advertised on its website, Swappa is a safe marketplace for “newish” tech. Here, you can sell iPhones, laptops, computers, watches, tablets, video games, and more.

Sellers are on the hook for a 3% fee for each item they sell. They also have to pay for standard shipping costs, though buyers have to pay for express shipping if it’s available and selected.


Courtesy of Cash4Books Image book and cash

Mobile app: None
Cost: Free

What can you sell: Books

Cash4Books is an easy website to use if you have old books lying around that you want to get rid of. Just plug in an ISBN to identify the book and get your valuation. 

Then ship any books you want to sell to Cash4Books using a free shipping label. You’ll receive a check or PayPal payment when the books are received.


jjfarq/Adobe Boy playing computer game

Mobile app: iOS and Android
Cost: Seller fees

What can you sell: Video games, gift cards, blockchain items, game items, and more

Gameflip is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling video games and other game-related items. 

This includes gift cards from popular retailers and brands such as Apple, Google, Playstation, Xbox, and more. Gameflip takes an 8% commission on sold items plus a 2% digital fee if applicable.


What items can you sell on these apps?

You can sell a range of items on these apps, including furniture, apparel, electronics, and more. Online marketplaces are often the best places to sell used furniture. Think Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay.

Specialized ecommerce sites tend to focus on specific goods and services. For example, Etsy is for handcrafted items and Poshmark is for apparel and accessories.

Why should I use an app to sell my stuff?

You should use an app to sell stuff because it’s simple and straightforward. It’s an easy way to declutter and get rid of unwanted items while making some extra money.

Depending on the app, you typically don’t have to do much more than take a few photos of your items, add a description, and submit the listing.

Which app is best for selling?

The best app for selling items depends on what you’re selling and the type of experience you want.

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist often involve meeting up with a buyer in person and could involve some negotiation. However, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and other selling apps let you simply list and ship items.

Bottom line

ant/Adobe Cellphone and apps to sell or buy online

The best selling app for you primarily depends on what you want to sell. General marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay are great for selling all sorts of items, but you might consider a specialty app to sell specific things.

Selling apps are an excellent way to organize your space and make some extra cash. But they can also help fuel a lucrative side hustle.

For more ways to make money in your spare time, check out our list of the best side hustles.

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