"What's Your Credit Score?" and 10 Other Questions it's OK to Ask on a First Date

A date’s financial philosophy can help you decide if they are the right one for you.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Dating is the perfect time to ask questions and seek opinions as two people learn about one another.

Don’t overlook chatting about money matters. Asking some key questions can yield answers that shed light on how each person views financial issues such debt, spending, and how to grow your wealth.

Following are some good financial starter questions to ask on your next first date as you try to figure out if you are compatible.

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What is your credit score?

Grady R/peopleimages.com/Adobe credit card and woman with digital tablet on a sofa

This is a great question to ask: While it’s not as intrusive as asking someone how much money they make, it can still give you an idea of their financial health.

A good FICO credit score starts around 670 and can go all the way up to a top score of 850. The higher the score, the less likely your date is to be in financial trouble. 

Good credit can indicate that they’re responsible when it comes to finances.

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How strict are you with a budget?

mrmohock/Adobe businesswoman sitting at table saving pennies in glass jar

Budgets are a great way to keep track of income and expenses. A budget can help you optimize how much you can save, leaving you with more cash for investments or to put into a high-yield savings account.

Ask about specifics, such as how they use a budget to cut back on expenses, or the single best thing a budget has helped them accomplish.

What do you like to spend your 'fun money' on?

Prins Productions/Adobe friends out for dinner paying with cellular device

Those who are saving enough cash likely have some “fun money” to spend on the occasional favorite splurge. So, ask your date how they like to spend that extra money.

Perhaps they splurge on a hobby that they’re interested in, or they like to pamper themselves once in a while. Their answer could also give you more insight into what they like to do in their spare time, or what interests them.

Do you invest?

Yingyaipumi/Adobe smartphone with cryptocurrency

Investing is an important part of many people’s financial plan, particularly when it comes to saving for retirement or a major purchase such as a house.

Ask your date if they have money to invest and what they like to invest in. You can gain some interesting insights into their financial priorities. Maybe you will even get a few investment tips from one another.

What are your long-term money goals?

ArLawKa/Adobe businessman hand pressing calculator putting coins on pile

Goals are an important part of your financial life because they can help you solidify plans. Does your date hope to retire early? Or is this person dreaming of buying a house in the future?

It can be interesting to learn what long-term goals someone has and how they plan to achieve them.

What is your feeling about debt?

Gorodenkoff/Adobe stressed man using laptop to compute taxes

Debt is a big factor to consider when you’re dating someone new. After all, you could end up being responsible for some of their debt if your relationship becomes serious.

So, ask about their feelings when it comes to debt. Do they try to pay down their credit card bill each month? Are they carrying debt such as a car loan or mortgage? Do they still have student debt?

How did you spend your last windfall?

rawpixel.com/Adobe happy woman spending money

Your date may be in a job where they get a big bonus. Or, they may be a real estate agent who works on commission. So, what do they do when they suddenly receive a lot of cash?

It can be insightful to know what they spend their money on, or if they save it. Learning about these things can give you a better idea of their financial goals.

Do you believe committed couples should share a bank account?

Nebojsa/Adobe happy couple working on home budget while drinking coffee

Committed couples have to decide how to handle money. Will they put cash in a joint account or will they continue to have separate accounts?

There’s no wrong answer, but learning how your date feels can shed light on how they view a financial partnership.

Who should manage the money in a relationship?

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/Adobe young couple counting money

In a relationship, who manages the money? Does one person handle all financial issues, or do you split responsibilities? 

For example, perhaps one person handles investments and the other takes care of expenses and bills. Knowing where your date stands can provide important insights into your compatibility.

What is your idea of a 'dream retirement'?

Katleho S/peopleimages.com/Adobe senior couple enjoying quality time at the park

Is your date saving money in an employer-sponsored 401(k) or adding cash to a high-yield savings account in hopes of financing a dream retirement?

Talk it out with your date to learn about their potential retirement goals, and see if you have a shared vision.

Do you have an emergency fund?

Deemerwha studio/Adobe woman putting pennies in glass jar with emergency label on it while using calculator to finance mortgage bills

An emergency fund offers an important resource for covering unexpected costs such as a sudden health issue or a car breakdown.

If your date has an emergency fund, it could be a sign that they are saving responsibly and planning ahead.

Bottom line

Artem/Adobe Man and woman having coffee and eating cake talking across the table large window in the back

Asking financial questions on a first date can be a little awkward, but it can also help you decide if there is going to be a second date. Afterall, one of the biggest reasons couples don't make it is because of finances. 

Such questions can also help you take stock of your own financial beliefs and think about whether you need to re-evaluate your own money philosophy as you try to get ahead financially.

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