9 Important Steps You Can’t Skip if You Want to Be Wealthy

There are many ways to become rich, but almost all of them include some key behaviors.
Last updated Feb. 28, 2023 | By Ryan Clancy Edited By Chris Kissell
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Many of us dream of financial freedom, but do you know how to begin the journey to wealth?

While there is no one secret to accumulating a vast fortune, there are a number of well-known habits that can help put you on the road to success.

So, if you hope to move beyond living paycheck to paycheck, the following nine steps might help you get there.

Think about the future you want

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What does being happy and wealthy look like to you?

Everyone’s version of happiness is different, of course. So, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve.

Once you can clearly see the future you dream of, it should increase your drive and motivation to get there.

Create a plan

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Perhaps some successful people simply fall into wealth. But most of us have to work hard to build up riches.

That means you need a plan that includes specific goals and some of the steps you will take to achieve those goals.

Imagine you are building a house: You would not start without a plan. So, why would building wealth be any different?

As you embark on the journey, your plan may take on a different shape compared to when you started. That is OK. Do not be afraid to adjust goals or objectives — or strategies to achieve them — as circumstances change.

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Take calculated risks

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A certain amount of risk is likely needed to build wealth. That is especially true if you are hoping to get very rich.

But intelligent, calculated risks are not the same as foolish risks. Betting money at a casino is unlikely to generate wealth. On the other hand, investing in stocks and real estate gives you better odds.

All investments come with risks, but if your money is invested wisely, your odds of success should rise. If you are unsure about how to get started, consider meeting with a financial advisor who can give you professional advice.

Live below your means

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Living below your means can be a great way to build up money quickly. Of course, you don’t want to give up anything essential in your life, such as paying for heating or food. But there are probably plenty of other places where you can curb spending.

By cutting back on unnecessary spending, you free up more of your income so you can invest it in your future.

Set up a budget

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Setting up a budget can be a smart financial move that allows you to get a handle on your finances.

With a budget, you can see your entire financial landscape at a glance. This should give you a clearer picture of how much money you are saving and spending.

Once you have this snapshot, make changes that will help you build wealth as the months and years roll on.

Save large amounts of income

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Saving large amounts of your income is one of the best ways to accumulate a big amount of money fast.

Not only does this swell the size of your savings, but it also gives you a financial cushion in the event that you run into hardships. You do not want one disaster to ruin your savings plans.

In short, saving large amounts of money gives you more options.

Avoid bad debt

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Some debt has an upside. You might need a mortgage to buy a home, or an auto loan to buy a car, for example. And student loan debt can be considered an investment in your future.

But there is plenty of debt that is just plain bad. For example, high-interest credit card debt has few redeeming qualities. If you can pay down your debts fast, it will help get you closer to building wealth.

Create multiple streams of income

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If you have income coming in from more than one source, it might help you build wealth faster.

So, if you have a regular full-time job, you might consider taking on a part-time job, developing a side hustle or finding another legitimate way to make extra cash.

For example, some people look for a side hustle that requires minimal effort to get up and running and that can generate income on its own once it has been established. Examples might include publishing e-books and blogs, or creating digital products.

Manage your time effectively

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Many wealthy people will tell you that time management is a big key to success. Managing your time efficiently can make you more productive.

We only have 24 hours in a day, and your odds of building wealth will likely decrease if you spend too much time binge-watching programs on TV when you could be using that time to create a side hustle.

Bottom line

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Follow the steps on this list and there is a chance you will increase productivity and boost your bank account.

There are no guarantees of riches, of course. But following the steps on this list can help to move you in the right direction toward success.

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